Welcome to the "old fashioned" HTML Coded Character Reference Sheet Generator.

This page, written circa 1996, shows exactly how various HTML entities will appear on-screen. This is really a relic of the wild-west era of the Internet, before the days of character sets. In those days, some entities often showed up differently on different platforms, so I made this page to test them.

This page generates HTML 3.2-style code, with font tags.

What's a HTML entity?
There those bits of.htm like "®" that let you print characters such as ®.

Why not just use a reference sheet?
This page shows exactly how an HTML entity appears on screen, not how someone (however knowledgeable) thinks it will appear. It may still be useful if you're wont to choose a character set like MacRoman for your Web site.

One final note: This page does not validate your data in any way. It gives you the same thing you'd get if you'd entered those values into.htm yourself. So if you mispell your font name or choose an invalid font size, you will probably see the default font.