RoleMaster Character Generator, 1st Edition

Here's a JavaScript-driven character generator for Edition 1 RoleMaster game by Iron Crown Enterprises. It includes all the that races, professions, and skills in the original Character Law. You can quickly create characters of any level. (OK, quickly is a relative term when you're talking about RM.)

The character generator is compabitible with most recent browsers, including MSIE 5/6 for Windows, Apple Safari, and Netscape 7. (12/10/04: I just tested this in Firefox and it works fine with that.) Older versions of MSIE, including MSIE for Mac, tend to work but very slowly.

New Version in Development

Due to the recent interest this character generator has received, I've decided to upgrade it. This will be the first real work done on it in 8 years, so the update involves some significant changes. Here are a few things that are on the docket:

Down the road, I'm considering adding even more functionality, such as the ability to save and share characters in a central database. Then, if you find a 12th level character you like, but need a 10th level character, you can "rewind" to 10th level. If this is what you've been waiting for (or if I'm missing the point entirely) tell me so.

Create a character

Please contact me, Tim Grant, with any questions or bug reports.

-Tim Grant