Abstracts: What they are, how to write them

Parts of the abstract:

  1. Title, author, project number: this is the title of your project. You are the author. The project number was assigned to you after you submitted your research plan.
  2. Introduction: two to three sentences that summarize what your objectives were in doing this project.
  3. Materials and Methods: a short paragraph describing what you used (and how you used it) doing this project.
  4. Results: two or three sentences describing what happened - just the facts.
  5. Conclusion: a final short paragraph explaining what you learned from this project. What do your results mean? Did something not work the way you expected? What would you have done differently?

Type your abstract in an easy-to-read font like Times or Arial. Use 10- or 12-point type, print it on white paper. You can e-mail your abstract to the Science Fair Coordinator, Linda Abercrombie.

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